Thursday, September 3, 2009

"The Right Thing"

I've spent my morning today just like the other days for the past couple of months. My right hand holding a cup of freshly brewed coffee and my left hand holding a cigarette. The only difference now is that I didn't go to sleep again even if I've only slept for an hour. Reason? It's the same reason I have for a few weeks now. I'm torn between doing the right thing for me and doing the right thing for the people around me. I cannot argue with the fact that I am in love right now. I am afraid of what the outcome will be. But I know whatever it is that will come my way, I know i can handle it just fine. I'm just hoping that I will not hurt my loved ones along the way. That I cannot handle. But what I feel right now is just too strong for me to take for granted. I'm just praying that everything will be according to His plans. And that whatever will come out after this, all would be for the better.

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