Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Secrets Revealed"

We often hear from a lot of people that secrets are revealed in due time. Well, now I can actually say that this is definitely true. You say you love a person deeply but still you still need to hide secrets from them. I cannot understand this at all. You cannot love a person then lie all at the same time. It just doesn't make sense. If you love a person as much as you say you do, learn to take the risk of revealing the real you. That way you will not get used to only giving the one you love only a small part of you. To be fully loved, you need to make sure that that person will have the chance to fully love you. This will not be achieved if you will not bare your soul to that person. You cannot expect a person to love you more than you are willing to give back.
The irony of secrets revealed is that you may never trust that person ever again. I was not prepared at all with this kind of feeling. But I guess I need to go through with it just to make some unanswered questions from my past will finally have some answers. I can now without a doubt say to myself that I am right all along. That what I have decided then was just not  something that I have needed to do, but it was definitely the right decision for me and my loved ones. I have left my old ME together with the people I've once loved and trust. Looking back, I can only feel pity but with no regrets at all. 
It only takes just a small object or a simple word for a person to realize a lot of big things in life. I have learned the hard way and I am happy I did. It made me become aware of who I am and what I am made of. I am a woman that can honestly say that I am real inside and out. That I am a woman who will continue and will never get tired of loving and be loved in return. I am now happy that finally every doubts and confusions I may have had are  completely clear to me now. Secrets revealed is the answer after all.  

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's Because Of You

I've almost gave up on forever, but you let me see the joy of getting old together.
I've almost gave up on love, but then I met you.
I've almost gave up on life, but you gave me the courage not to.
I've almost gave up on trust, but you gave me reasons why I can't.
I've almost gave up on faith, but you hold my hand thanking God for us.
I've almost gave up on us, but you let me see a rainbow behind those dark clouds.
So you see now why I can never give up?
It's because of you, the only person who doesn't know the meaning of giving up.
I thank God everyday for I have you with me.
Our love is not a choice we have made.
It's a gift that we get only once in our lifetime.