Monday, June 18, 2012

My Day To Day

My day to day for the past three weeks is like finding myself all over again. My 1st day of training at work feels like going to 1st day of school. Half scared, half excited but still managed to finish everything with just one goal on my mind. I don't like grudges to dwell on my soul. But it helped me stand up and face alone my life with a little more confidence. I can't help wonder how people can judge me that easily when I have found out for myself that I am not that bad like someone think. Is it really about me being clingy to the people I love or is it their own insecurities that they're pointing my way? I may never know what or how they would react now. But honestly I don't care. I cry a lot, I admit. This is also my day to day now. But it doesn't mean I just make up all these things bothering me. I am just too comfortable with people I felt really cares for me. But now I can see. I am not blind anymore with their true colors. From now on I will love the people who are with me through my ups and downs. I will drop those people now in my life that made me feel like I am bad person. I will let them see my value in their lives but they will no longer be a part of my day to day.  

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