Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Finding My Way Back To You"

There are things I wanted to say, leading, and eventually finding my way back to you. I just sometimes feel like it will never be enough. Somehow I know that all my efforts will just be useless if I know that it will only be me. Now, tell me, am I not worthy to get your love back? Or are you too proud to even say that you still love me like you do back then? It is really confusing how  a love like ours that was so strong can passed us by just as quickly as the water running into the ocean.
Looking back, I have no regrets that I have loved you more than I have loved anyone. I know deep in my heart that the love that we have found will not fade in time. So, until the time we do find each other again, I am going to be where you have left me behind. I will still be here to welcome you back into my arms. And until that time, my love will keep the two of us alive.You have my word that the road that I will travel from this moment on will surely be finding my way back to you.

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