Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Thankful For Being YOU"

I've heard last night about a man saying that he was thankful for everything that his wife had done to him. He said that she took good care of him while they were still together. And he missed it so badly. It really made me think. And after another almost sleepless night, I've decided to just write about it. I wonder if the wife even considered the fact that what she had done was even unusual or special.? If you ask me, I would say that from my experience, the answer is no. You see being a wife tends you to go out your own way to make your man or husband feel loved and pampered. So you see the role of a wife or the woman is a very big factor to a man's physical and emotional looks. I've realized just by thinking out loud last night that we, as a wife or a woman, must not forget to have herself loved and pampered too. After all, a couple consists of two people. You don't forget yourself just because you love your man. You don't show your love to him by just pampering him. You let him see the special YOU just to let him know that you take care of yourself as an individual. Having heard what I've heard last night made me conclude that he felt that he was lucky to have her as his partner. The only problem was he let her slipped away from him too soon before the realization came..

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